The Company decided to commence quarterly payment of dividends from 2013. The first three payments in respect of any year will be made in June, September and December at a rate which, in the absence of unforeseen circumstances, will be one quarter of the total payment made in respect of the previous financial year. The fourth payment, the following March, will be a balancing amount, reflecting the difference between the three payments already made and the payment decided for the full year.

Ex-Dividend Date Pay Date Dividend Type Amount Dividend payable per share
05/03/2015 02/04/2015 Fourth Interim 4.60p
20/11/2014 18/12/2014 Third Interim 3.60p
20/08/2014 18/09/2014 Second Interim 3.60p
21/05/2014 18/06/2014 First Interim 3.60p
26/02/2014 28/03/2014 Fourth Interim 4.50p
20/11/2013 18/12/2013 Third Interim 3.30p
21/08/2013 18/09/2013 Second Interim 3.30p
22/05/2013 18/06/2013 First Dividend 3.30p
27/02/2013 28/03/2013 Second Interim 7.20p
22/08/2012 14/09/2012 First Interim 6.00p
29/02/2012 30/03/2012 Second Interim 6.55p
26/08/2011 16/09/2011 First Interim 5.45p
02/03/2011 01/04/2011 Second Interim
25/08/2010 17/09/2010 First Interim 4.40p
03/03/2010 01/04/2010 Second Interim 6.20p
26/08/2009 11/09/2009 First Interim 4.30p
04/03/2009 03/04/2009 Second Interim 5.90p
13/08/2008 05/09/2008 First Interim 4.30p
12/03/2008 03/04/2008 Second Interim 5.80p

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