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114th Annual General Meeting Presentation

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In conversation with Andy Headley, Veritas Asset Management

How do fund managers identify high quality companies?

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Press Release

Witan signs up to the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative

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NAV per share as at 26/05/2022


10 year total NAV return as at 30.04.2022


Collective Wisdom

We search for the best managers around the world to create a portfolio diversified by region, investment sector and individual company level. Our multi-manager approach also reduces the potential risks arising from reliance on a single manager. Our highly experienced Board of Directors and executive have many years’ collective experience of both managing assets and selecting managers, and of delivering sound, independent governance.


We search for the best fund managers worldwide, choosing managers to complement each other, not to cover all styles. Our managers are active investors and construct concentrated portfolios focusing on their best ideas. This high level of conviction produces portfolios which are differentiated from their benchmarks which they aim to outperform.


Founded in 1909, we have a long track record of producing capital and income growth. We have invested through challenging economic cycles, wars and political crises, helping put contemporary events into perspective. You can view our long term performance here.


Witan is an independent and self-managed investment company –dedicated to sustainable growth in its shareholders wealth. Witan’s employees are solely focused on the success of the Company. Our independence means we simply seek the best managers available, without pre-set constraints.


Our multi-manager strategy allows us to respond to changes in long-term trends either by changing managers and investment style or investing via our specialist portfolio with managers who have expert knowledge of particular sectors or regions. Using gearing and derivatives we can also adapt our portfolio to short-term opportunities or to manage risk.

Witan is a one-stop shop for global equity investment, offering growth in capital and income.

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Full year results 2021

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Our latest factsheet

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Press Release

Witan signs up to the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative

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AR Front Cover 2021

Annual Report 2021

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In conversation with Andy Headley, Veritas Asset Management

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Latest fund research from Kepler

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