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Our strategy is to add value by investing primarily in listed individual companies across a broad spread of global equity markets. Witan seeks to construct a combined portfolio covering a broad range of markets and sectors, offering a distinctive way for individual as well as institutional investors to access the opportunities created by global economic growth.

The Company’s objective is to achieve a competitive return for shareholders by generating long-term capital growth, providing an income that rises faster than inflation and outperforming our benchmark.

The aim is to access the best available managers, including many who are unavailable to most UK retail investors.

Individual portfolios are actively managed by each investment manager, in accordance with its mandate, with overall asset allocation and risk being managed by the Executive team, within delegated limits set by the Board.

Added diversification

This approach, adopted in 2004, recognises that no manager is likely to excel in all market conditions and regions. Selecting managers to invest in their areas of greatest competence should improve returns, while reducing performance variability relative to using a single manager.

Witan’s approach is to combine different investment approaches and geographical mandates, creating a portfolio which can profit from the managers’ ability to outperform over time.

The selection process seeks managers focusing on fundamental value drivers rather than short-term trends.


Our strategy allows us to make changes to a mandate or manager to take advantage of the opportunities available, unlike a sole manager trust where it is difficult to make changes and where deficiencies in one area may offset strengths in another area.


Our benchmark is a combination of global equity markets, giving access to a wide range of investment opportunities in the global economy, covering the investment universe from which most of the portfolio holdings are chosen.

Benchmark 30%


Benchmark 25%

North America

Benchmark 20%

Europe ex-UK

Benchmark 20%

Asia Pacific

Benchmark 5%

Emerging Markets

Witan’s benchmark is a composite of 30% FTSE All-Share, 25% FTSE All-World North America, 20% FTSE All-World Asia Pacific, 20% FTSE All-World Europe (ex UK), 5% FTSE All-World Emerging Markets. From 01.10.2007 to 31.12.2016 the benchmark was 40% FTSE All-Share, 20% FTSE All-World North America, 20% FTSE All-World Europe (ex UK) and 20% FTSE All-World Asia Pacific.

The portfolio is actively managed and not designed to track any combination of indices. Performance can be expected to vary, sometimes considerably, from benchmark returns, while aiming for long-term outperformance.

Please remember past performance is not a guide to future performance. The value of an investment and the income from it can fall as well as rise as a result of currency and market fluctuation and you may not get back the amount originally invested.

Source: FTSE International Limited (“FTSE”). FTSE is a trade mark of the London Stock Exchange Group companies and is used by FTSE under license. For more information go to Legal Information